Who Has Your Back

People seldom worry,
Who's got their back.
You think you have someone to count on,
And that is that.
You get in a pinch,
And you know who you'll call.
But what if there was no one at all?
Would you feel lost?
Would you feel mad?
Would you curse the heavens?
For what you've never had.
Would you cry out, i'm all alone?
Or hang your head for the shame you know.
Would you blame God, and the heavens above?
Or could you face yourself?
Knowing you were the one.
Life is complicated, but really it's not.
It's about making your own choices,
And knowing you chose the right one.
It's about being a friend,
Through and through.,
And being the kind of person,
Who you wish was you.
No one has all the right answers,
Boy, we all wish we did.
But there's one true fact,
That rings the truth.
Smile, laugh, and love,
And always be true to you.

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