Who I Am

Everyday she wakes up and gets out of bed
Wondering what issues will arise in the hours ahead
People are afraid to know who she is because they're people
People who won't bother to ask a question so simple
That may open herself up and let others know
That she is different because she constantly shows
A pride in her self-confidence
And is not self-concious
If her frame is too little or her chest is too big
to live a life so catious
About what people may say about her figure on a daily basis
If she is doable, cute, or a regular among the faces
Of those who don't take pride in themselves
Who show what they have and then are put right back on the shelves
Left lonely, back where they started
Then wished they had some pride and self-confidence
But this is me, who I am
Small figured with a face which might not get stares
I like my figure and if I look skinny
But I know there is someone out there that just might judge me
Of my attitued and how I might make them stare on purpose
But I can't help that you don't have what I have but it is certain
That when you look at me, it is me
Not me in this perfect body
That you wish I had to be a little more sexier
Just to show of to your friends to make you feel better
On the inside it is me on the outside it is I, my pride
This is who I am at the end of this rhyme

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