Who I Really Am

They all think I'm just too quiet, I only like to read.
I'm a nerd. I have no life, no future goals.
That I'm just dull, boring, and weird.
They never seem to realize that I'm human too.
They don't know me, and yet, they talk about me,
Spread rumors like a raging, rampant disease.
They call me all sorts of cruel, detestable names,
For absolutely no reason other than that they can.
Though I try so hard not to let it, their criticisms
Cut me deeply and I feel like I can't take anymore.
But you are always there for me when I'm down,
Holding open your warm, comforting arms.
You tell me to ignore them, there's no truth in what they say,
Not to satisfy them by allowing them a glimpse of my tears.
You keep my heart from fading away within these horrid halls.
You give me something to believe in, a dream to hold dear.
I love you because you actually want to understand me
And because you love me for who I really am.

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