Who Is Colleen Dunn?

By Da Poet   

This amusing kind of subject
hope I’m equal to the task
With very little to go on
like one who wears many mask

I write with nervous energy
my heart is in a race
like a student on test day
a bewildered look upon my face

Mathematical equations
physics that ain’t cool
Math was my worse subject
when I was in school

You’re intelligent and heavy
and nobodies fool
You’re adventurous and daring
confidently following
your own set of rules

Beauty lies within you
disguised by a mask of intriguing parts
It’s difficult to get to know you
a Queen of Spades not hearts

You’re a puzzle needing completion
searching for love waiting to begin
Consumed with thought and compassion
but I still won’t know you when this ends

I may never know you
but at least I tried my best
broken pieces pasted together
awaits the conclusion of this graded test

Colleen’s deep dark secret
perhaps of Irish or Scottish decent
Enchanted with spoken word
displays mystical colors message sent

Fascination with dark colors
engaged by every word
Nameless code recovered
your fears to death do you depart

What am I
Nature freak show
Confidence perfect start

Lost one X love
Compassion of an empty mind
Hanging high so far below
I learn slowly
but that’s fine

How does this change me
Our arrangement fragile
The lost one know me
Mirror me remnant 67
Whispering mannequins doing fine


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