Who is He?

My rock and my shield. The Merciful one.
He who my best cannot recompense, nor my effort
Equalise. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
. In him is great power, unlimited wisdom and
Unfathomable love. He is the great high priest.
The risen and soon coming king.
The lion of the Tribe of Judah. In him,
Shines the light of life. His wisdom is expressed
Through the shine of the sun, and the glow of the moon.
He is worthy to be praised. My life hath he raised.
The supremacy of his power is portrayed through his
Death and resurrection. He is the creator of the
Universe. The preserver of life, and the seed
Of all good things. He is a mighty warrior.
Great in battle, glorious in delivery.
Exceeding in wonders and miraculous in healing;
Of the spirit, soul and body.
The self existent one. The master of my destiny.
The captain of my future. The king of kings and
The Lord of Lords. God with me and God for me.
The only wise God. The personification of holiness.
The Word of Life.
Yet all this fails to encomapse who he is.

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