Who Is Not Weird?

Who is not weird?
Not different, I am unique!
Who is not weird in this world?
Africans Americans were second class citizens....
They were Black!
Kill Mormons on sight
they were foreign to us (!)
Jews, oh no, no, no,
They do not work on Saturdays!
Muslims, oh no, no, no
They have weird beard!
Do not let them in here
The new Blacks of this world!
A Muslim woman is weird because of her veiling
She kindly says
Oh people,
"My body is covered but my mind is open!"
A Jewish lady is walking with a Muslim woman
Arm to arm driving hatred in the streets
Planting the seeds of kindness.
A white man and a Black man running in Mississippi

All weird people are crying
We are hungry We are thirsty
Hungry for peace thirsty for acceptance
Maybe it is a privilege to be weird
That I am the weirdest man on earth!

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