Who Is She

It's strange to me & I can't help wonder why, she means so much to me
For one day I'll know who she is & a new outlook on life I would see,
As I was sitting here I had a bottomless thought
And the thoughts of her in my mind is what was sought,
It was as if I was in another place
In my mind I could almost see her face,
Who is she, as I wondered & felt her tenderness, sweetness, & grace
I must find out who she is & keep searching for her face,
She wants me to know who she is, for this is what I perceive
As I pray she continues to nurture my affection of & for her, as I'm so willing to receive,
But, there's something holding her back & its keeping our dreams from coming true
If I knew, if she knew, if we knew what our devotion unto one another would do,
I would be able to set her totally free
And then, I know she would come unto me & her face I would finally see,
I'm not caught up into whatever she looks like or any physical feature
She is precious, but I'm attracted to the attitude, sweetness, & grace of this sweet creature,
As for me, its just another all day n' day
As I continue to wonder who she is & how to make a way, my way
Into her life, into her world, into her universe
And by myself not knowing who she is unto me is given a curse,
Things will only get better with time
Whoever she is, one day she'll come & be all mine...

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