Who is she?

Who is she? She walks around with a smile on her face.
Well defined and full of grace.
Deemed a good person to many for her kindness and
Many don't know that each and every day she is put to
the test.
She is falsely judged, lied on, misused, mistreated and
Her heart is so broken and bruised.
She put much of her trust in man. When she should be
putting her trust in God.
Yet she doesn't fully see that it is God's Rod....who
protects her.
It keeps her safe and on guard.
Girl it's time to remove those scars!
Remove the hurt and the pain.
Let the flood gates of Heaven open up and pour out
Your name will never be in vain.
You will remain..true to who you are.
Beautiful, smart, talented, creative, kind, generous,
pure of heart.
Open your eyes to see that your end has become your
beginning, time for a fresh new start.
Hurt, pain and suffering will be no more.
Time to walk through the door...of VICTORY!

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