who is this girl?

who is this girl?
the one I see inside my heart
the dangerous eyes that tore me apart
Who is this girl?
oh I wish I knew

who is this beauty?
She hides away from my gazing eyes
Why do I feel so much desire in my mind
Who is this beauty?
I do not know

I know her name but not her soul
is it warm like a fireplace?
or cold like the winter snow?
Should I tell her what it is that I wish?
Maybe not so soon cause we are sun and moon

I want to hold her in my arms
I want to be the one that gets to see
who she truly wants to be
to look deep inside her eyes
to finally know who this girl really is.

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    This Poems Story

    this poem was inspired by a girl who went to my school. She was absolutely beautiful but I barely knew who she really was. But I was still in love with her anyway.