Who Knows Where

She's lost, alone and so scared
Wanting to cry out, but she never dared
Silence so loud it's left her hearing-impaired
Never known what it's like to have someone care
No one came to save her from her nightmare
She knows it's not right and she knows it's not fair
But what could she do but stay there
In the dark cave that is the tiger's lair?
All of them growling and pulling at her hair
They're hungry, and she's the feast they'll share
Bleeding from her eyes, she feels her flesh tear
Only the pain of her loneliness can compare
It's all too much for one woman to bear
But strength and courage are the masks she wears
A wolf howls and off into the darkness, she stares
These moments of beauty are far too rare
She breathes in the smell of the crisp, night air
Trying to forget all the pain and utter despair
All the hurt, the fear and the glares
She endures it all but has given up on prayers
So tonight is the end she says, as she prepares
To leave this place, for who knows where

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