Who Need Enemies

Who need enemies
when I have a rat friend like you
My sister tried to warn me,
and my brother did too

They always said at your core,
you were just no good
Listen here, you rotten scoundrel:
things I can't do, karma would

Whoa Van Gogh,
are you through,
have you had your say?
Let me straighten the picture,
you got it hanging the wrong way

First of all, I ain't your friend
So don't be looking for me
to get you out the trouble you're in

It was your business partner
who launched that sneak attack
The hostile takeover that's going down

If you was counting on me,
hoping to climb on my back
Cap'n Save 'Em is gonna watch you drown

No worries there, you little weasel,
you can't outfox the bear
I caught the barracuda behind it all,
and you two make a perfect pair

Wish you could've been there
when I made my ex-partner squeal
Miss Piggy went and sold you out,
beat you to that plea bargain deal

Now justice is served,
and you're left holding the bag
You got your first cry,
and I got the last laugh

So everyone consider yourself warned:
You better come as a friend
'Cause you don't want to be in the place
where all my enemies are in

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