Who Tagged Me a \’Transgender\’

Mother, you are my wisest and quietest counsellor,
And my constant and patient teacher.
But now with everyday that passes by,
I realise,that I'm not the twinkle of your eye.
Father, you are never one to boast,
But still loved me the most.
Now you abandon me like winter's snow,
Which slowly melts through summer's fun.
Grandmother, you told me infinite stories all season.
Grandfather, you are my best guide beyond all reason.
Someone who loved me so much,
Now I have become someone, they hate to touch.
Sister, we traveled together in life's journey,
Brother, you always kept company.
The special bond between our hearts,
Has now turned into broken parts.
You'll showed me love,
Then without reason said goodbye.
Am I wrong to be born like this?
Could it be fixed?
Wrote me off as a stranger,
Put me in a corner near the beggar,
Belittled my innocent love,
You'll tagged me a 'Transgender'.

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