WHO tells me they speak to the trees?

Well think of leaks and weeks
I know better
Is this meant to be a legacy?
I know I don’t speak to the trees
My people don’t speak to the trees
But that doesn’t mean that people who speak to the trees are any less valid than me.
I wish I spoke to the trees this would it a lot easier to be
But I can’t be
I can’t even speak to the trees
I am the one who is not valid
I’m the fraud walking among man
Drowning in sand
Not water
Because water is too easy
It’s too relieving
It reminds me that I'm just another wandering soul who lost at sea
Who is no longer wanted in the grand scheme of things
So I chose, sand
because the grittiness is supposed to break you down
You must swallow it
You must remember its soul
You must welcome it whole
It is painful
But it’s what you deserve
It’s what I deserve
The truth is
Our people do speak to the trees
We speak to the sea
We hate those things
We hate them dearly

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This Poems Story

Being first-generation American, but also being black American. And yet knowing that I\'m not \"truly\" American.