Who, What, When, Where, Why?


I sat down to watch a tv show; the news came on instead.

Who are these people?
people with masks; people without masks
people carrying guns; people vandalizing stores
confusion; fire; blasts of light
What happened?
police using tear gas; pushing people to the ground
the crowds running and yelling at everyone
total disruption of law and order as we knew it
When did it all begin?
was it this year; or has it always been like this
anger, hate, fear, all have a healthy presence here
emotions running high; the gamut of human emotion
Where to go to escape?
stay home and pretend it does not affect you
go out and join the mobs aimlessly looking for a target
start praying for a Divine intervention
Why does it have to be like this?
a sobering realization of who we truly are
coming so very far and learning so very little
a display of human nature at its worst
How do we change it?

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