Who Will Understand?

They think they know me
They don’t
I wish they’d understand
They won’t

Maybe now I just don’t want them to
Because they couldn’t possibly relate
It’s not like I don’t want to open up
It’s that when I do, they only hate

When I finally told someone my problems
They just sat there and laughed
I wished to confide in them and they responded
“You’re a kid, what problems do you have?”

“What problems do I have?” I replied
“Do you really care or is this an act
Because as far as I’m concernced
You never understood the facts”

This is the truth, I’ve been through this
A number of times
It’s no use trying to explain again
Because you can’t read between the lines

I tried to discuss with someone what my life is about
They listened
Gave their opinion
But with questionable doubts

My trust has passed
Because it only lasted for so long
Where is that one individual
That will help keep me strong

I need someone to talk to
Who will grasp what I’m trying to say
So far I haven’t found that person
But maybe it’s not meant for today

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