Whoever you are…

Just whoever you are, remember you're not God's grace, you can't go wandering around pretending you know everybody. And would you lend me your ears, because I might have some words to tell, but nobody to listen. We are all pilgrims on an unknown journey, we straddle life together as one and brave the days to come in harmony. listen deeply to the the beating hearts of the masses and you'll hear an echo of love that drifts through the wind and the rolling hills of green grass and into our place called home. Maybe someday the clear skies will rain down and truth will prevail rather than the tears of our corrupting imaginations, these heavy hearts know not what they want, they only judge if they like what they see. One must travel far and wide, deep and narrow, around the world but also in the depths of their soul and their mind, understand both the surround scenes and the self that takes it in. For when one understands these things with every inch of their being, they will find love in every part of the world, for it persists even in the most decrepit of places. These far reaching desolate ashen lands paint pictures in my head, visions of dread to arrive in the near future, but I see light shining in at the exit of a narrow pass, praise thee I shout! could this be my forlorn savior? With some unknown invention I could bypass my woes, these familiar struggles of rich hands that grasp for pieces of broken dreams, yet to be bitten by the snarling teeth of greed. I follow thee in to the far reaching mist it is you, away from my searching eyes, but nevertheless far in the reaching distance of my hopes. Someday I whisper, someday I will come to thee.

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Almost biblical influence and tone