Whom I truly desired to love me

If the man who gave his seed for my conception were here, I would want him to know that,
Never got the love from the man whom I truly desired to love me
I wake up missing a man I never really got to see
There's an empty place in my heart where that man was always meant to be
I never wanted your money all I wanted was happy memories of you that should have been a sanctuary for me,
Never hearing the words my princess, my angel… my baby girl
A daddy is supposed to love his daughter && offer her the world
I have a hard time understanding how you could be so selfish. So, mean
Rightly inherited from your mom
That crown was mine and I should've been your queen
I find myself praying to God asking myself Why?
Where were you on all the nights I just lay there and cry
And while my portrayal of you may be so unkind
The love I feel for my dad would blow anyone's mind
All these years you've treated me like some random girl you can see when you want and walk away at any time
My heart was broken before anyone had a chance too
It was never complete, to begin with, and that was because of you
All of your empty promises
Made me understand what being a mom is
A man should know that a woman could never produce without his seed
For their father's love, his children should not have to plead
A daughter and a friend to you is all I wanted to be but
I never got the love from the man whom I truly desired to love me

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