Who's Out There?

A planet, billions of  light years away

Would take one year to reach at the speed of light

Or many generations if I walk.


"Hummm. Maybe we should leave all as is.

Going to another planet, may bring disease,

Like we gave our native people."

"Ho! We aborigines. We here thousands of moons before white man.

We rich already. We want stay that way. Keep white sails away.

White man go! If white man stay, kill with arrows, stones.

Kill, no matter how; parents, children, no matter where from.


Keep dancing to our drums around campfire. Living off land; 

Food from: fish, clams, berries, geese, partridge, ducks, quails,

Deer, caribou, moose for food, clothing and tents.

Good hunters. No guns needed,


White man from stars stay away.

Kill any who stray our way.

That way safe.

Live, multiply.

If stay, cry frozen tears, blind eyes, hot rods.

Burn hands. Fire.

"Or fight, fight, fight for all worth, our children, their earth."

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