Who’s that girl

Who’s that girl sad and alone?
Always quiet, never bold
Who’s this girl from a broken home?
Alcoholics at each other’s throats
She cries for Dad to please don’t go
He’s choking Mom please let her go
Who is this girl that has no friends
When she smiles its all pretend
She prays a lot with one same wish
Dad tried again, Lord let him live
Who’s this girl whose mother cries
SIDS took away her babies life
Who’s this girl so young and mad
Her mother left without looking back
Who’s this girl from a dirty trailer
Who only feels hurt and anger
To this pain she’s not a stranger
She hates her life and wants to take it
Who’s this girl who thinks she’s grown
Fights a lot, runs away from home
Who gives boys what they want and they let her go
She just wants to stop feeling alone
Who’s this girl young on the streets
She has a pimp, she’s his to keep
She’s drinking more and smoking weed
Her friends are grown she’s just fourteen
Who puts her pain to the side because it runs too deep
Who’s this girl trapped in a cell
Because he put her body up for sale
Who’s this girl who can’t stop running
Group homes, jail, and lots of warrants
Does everything she know she shouldn’t
But they didn’t care so she just couldn’t
Who’s this girl who’s secretly wants affection
Mind full of demons that keep her stressing
Got raped twice with no protection
Stares in the mirror and hates her reflection
Who’s this girl who’s not the same?
She’s trapped up in a world of pain
Lost in her ways and this cold game
She never got to act her age
Who’s this girl just seeking comfort?
Who deep deep down just wants her mother
Who’s this girl who feels so guilty?
No self-love and feels so filthy?
Who’s this girl who gets beat up?
By the same man she thought she loved
Black eye, busted lip, threatened with a gun
Stomped out, chocked out, nowhere to run
Who’s this girl who gets no sleep?
Who prays in tears and gets no peace
Cant’ hold on she feels too weak
Who’s that girl?
That girl is me.

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