Who’s the bad guy?

Would you call me insane
If I say, I like being shook up?
Being dumped on?
Maybe we believe too much
In tragedies turning out to be
Happy endings.
Maybe we believe too much
In the movies,
That the hero wins only after
He has been hurt.
There’s no other way,
That’s how you get back the good times.
But what if you don’t?
What if those times were
Far from good?
What if you secretly don’t want them?
What if you’re seeking for
Just a little notice and nothing else?

Who would you call the bad guy then,
You or me?
You, for deceiving my infinity, or
Me, for holding you all along?
You, for being not you, or
Me, for acting I loved you
When I was just selfish?

Would you call me insane,
If I say that I have crossed
555th day of my tragedy, today
i’m still hoping,
there’s an ace in the hole
I’m still hoping,
Tomorrow will be the “good” day

Have we decided on the bad guy yet?
You, for feeding me your lies, or
Me, for closing my eyes even when
There was light all around,
Even when I knew you were my darkness?
You, for leaving effortlessly, or
Me, for not grabbing your collars
For one godamn explanation
Except that you’re happier?

The world has brighter colours
After a little thunder,
after a little rain
Tell me if I’m wrong,
Then why is it that
My good day hasn’t come yet?
Were you not a tragedy enough?

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