Who’s to Say?

When Jesus is there our arguments whither,
Hope to dismantle what sets us aquiver.

Was ha man? Or was he divine?
The question remains regardless of time.

The deciding factor is left up to you,
You decide which facts seem true.

The topic builds chasms driving apart,
Good friends and family close from the start.

What did he do? And was it just luck?
Were the saints just there to make a quick buck?

Two thousand yaers later, the jury's still out,
But are all the rules what it's really about?

The church will tell you there is one true way,
And on that path is no room for the odd and the gay.

Who do we listen to? Who do we trust?
When the old Jewish rules are starting to rust.

How is this system playing us all?
Is it setting us up for the rise of the fall?

At once we have purpose, at once we have doubt,
At once we are given salvation to flout.

It doesn't make us better though many would think,
Many believers partake in the drink.

Our vices are strong, resounding and plenty,
This makes our upetty attitude petty.

We are the same, we all are quite human,
Even though some know not what they're doing.

Change comes slowly if painfully so,
That pace we accept if we hope to grow.

The lord will come if you will but ask,
In his mighty glory the feeble will bask.

The question builds until it explodes,
Traveling down life's lonely roads.

Why am I here? Where will I go?
Living your life will let you know.

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