Whose Life Is This?

The young, tender, precious, mind and soul
of my innocence, stolen by the rage of adult
I grew mean, and unforgiving, questioning
why I was even living.
I cried, I sobbed, I began to pray to God,
to end this hell, realizing I had been robbed.
I ran away from that horrible place, at the age
of seven, went to live with my grandmother, somewhere
close to Heaven.
She was tender and kind. She did her best to
renew my mind.
I went to church every Sunday. "God's Word I
did hear," yet I still lived with hate, worry and
Overwhelmed with crippling, hateful words from
loved ones.
They did not understand, I was just a child trying
to overcome.
This is the beginning of a story that must be told.
It is for the girls, the boys, the young and the old.
My soul is screaming to be set free, and through my
words, help, encourage, and inspire others just like me.

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