Why are we alive,
why do we even try when fate is sealed in the end.
You cant say it bitter, and you cant say its great,
for life plays its rules
as we make our own.
Why are we different from other species,
even our own?
Is it a path that can never be changed?
Or are we just slow to the concepts?
Why are we all different, yet the same?
can a world be truly this horrible, yet beautiful,
at the same time.
I sleep all day and stay up all night,
trying to find all the answers to my questions,
yet find it incomprehensible, to find,
but at least I try.
The world is round, or at least that's what we are told,
but perhaps its much more.
Or it is just that simple.
Some days I sit outside and smell the fresh crisp air,
that is now polluted well all the cancers keep spreading around.
A broken heart, a disease or two.
Why is it so beautiful, yet so disgusting?
Is it because of love, hate?
Is it because of you?
Or because of me?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who are we?

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