Why did you hurt me?i was just a kid,
what did i do so wrong for you to do what you did?
you made me believe it was me who was wrong,
as i grew older and wiser, it was you all along.
i was scared and confused,didn't know what to feel,
i escaped in my mind,living a world that wasnt real.
i was living two lives, one inside, one out,
i was hurting inside, fighting to get out.
every time you hurt me my anger grew deep,
i was too scared to tell, so my secrets i keep.
i had no one to turn to,no one i would tell,
instead of loving me you made my life a living hell.
i just want to love you but i hate the things that you do,
if i could change just one thing i choose to change you.
you made me a monster,no feelings, i don't care,
when i needed you to guide me you just weren't there.
i wish i couldmake you understand, just what you did,
how you destroyed the life of this little kid.
to me your the monster, i wish you would die,
you dont deserve my respect, my life was a lie.
all i ever wanted was your love, true from the start,
but you hurt me and hurt me till you broke my heart.
i cant go back and change what you did,
but i wont be that man who was always hurting his kid.
see, im better than you,in so many ways,
i'll never be you, i can say that today.
today i can move forward, my life i will live,
and for me to get better, it's you i forgive..

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