Dear Lord please tell me why. Why do things happen they way that they do? Why is it that seasons change and people do too?

You sent me on a journey. A hard,cold road of stone I traveled. Many times I smiled to hide the many miles of pain and tears inside. I held my head up high down that hard, cold road of stone, appearing so brave, yet on the inside feeling frightened and alone.

There were times that I felt I could not take another step, the road was so long, but you gave me the strength and pushed me on.

Time after time I stumbled and fell but that never seemed to matter to you. You knew that I would complete this journey and reach my destiny.

Now I ask you why do things happen the way that they do? and why did you send me on this journey? Why did you give me these words that I write? Is this your way of speaking to me? By making me see through my own words?

Well I crossed that finish line and I look back on it from time to time. For a while it was a mystery, but then it occurred to me.

That hard, cold road of stone, taught me wisdom I had never known. It taught me strength I could not measure, and about trust and true treasure.

Yes, I'm proud I crossed that finish line, and about those questions I asked, well, never mind.

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This Poems Story

I had just gotten through some difficult times and one night I sat down and realized that those times made me stronger and more wise. During those difficult times I would ask God why. Little did I know the answers would be revealed. Today it is so clear to me. I feel that I had to go through those times to become the woman I am today. Much about me has changed and today it is a true blessing.