What's Feminism for me,
Is this the matter of concern?
What's freedom for me;
Is being independent, all that I have to learn?

Why should always I be caring,
Is this because I am a woman?
Why should always I be sacrificing,
Is sacrifice not meant for a man?

Why should I be waiting for a perfect guy,
Is this institution my greatest achievement?
Why should I believe on 'his' lie;
Is this because I am a 'slave' in 'his' confinement?

Why should I learn to be quiet
Is obeying 'him'- my only duty?
Why should I not fight for my right
And shine like a brave beauty?

Why Patriarchy is the trust lie?
Why norms are set for a 'good' woman?
Why does strong,brave, courageous not signify me?
-Is this because I am a woman: a 'good' woman!

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