The burden I carry is ridiculous.
Strapped to my back like a skin graft.
Burns so hot the nerves have had to move away.

Why do I need to feel this way?
Why didn’t God stop this from happening?
Why couldn’t you of just help my hands and led the way?

The regret lingers around finding every porous space.
The tendons in all limbs begin to sever.
Any last tendon is cut to bring me to my knees screaming, “Sorry!”

Why do I let a demon control me?
Why is It allowed to start a life inside me and produce spells?
Why is It treating me like a voodoo doll?

Relief is drowning in a single ounce of water.
Sounds so small but the weight is infinite.
I hope to find myself at some point where I can exhale and go limp.

Why did I experience a moment with her as Moses did with the burning bush.
Why must I sit in that moment of using and say, “Continue!”?
Why are others around me unable to see and feel what I experience?

No human should have to be put in this position for only picking up an object.
Crazy? Yes, I am.
The straight jacket never seems to loosen.
Time is only perception.
Time is always destined to end.
Why do I let her be my second hand?

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy, insane, anger, psycho

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The grief and sorrow I hold strangles me.