I don't know why...
But this feels like a jail..!
Where it's made to feel...that you're a fail!
How true is that?
They want to bound the cat..!
The rebel inside is about to rebel..
'Coz the grievances now feel like a pebble..
Every rebellion "has" an impact.
With each you grow to be full of tact.
Let it be small let it be short
All you need is to make a start
Not everytime you are going to fail
It mostly depends on your chosen trail
But be sure to make the choice
Maybe not now..but in future it is wise
Not always should you follow rules
That too some of them made by fools
You're needed to grow to be full of causes
If not for yourself then for the world's losses..
Try it once , it feels nice
You'll find yourself live twice

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