Why must I feel the way I do,
All I did was protect and love you,
Why would you do this to me,
I was always there for you, you see.
I held you every time you cried,
I was there by your side,
Through it all with everything,
You were my little sunshine’s.
I watched you grow and laughed with you, Were those memories lost?,
We were happy all the time,
Until our paths uncrossed.
You let him back in, which you should,
But that’s not how it goes
He’s something like the devil,
He feeds off our souls.
He stripped your joy and stole your smile,
But yet you call this dad a friend,
You told many lies and degraded me, your mom, your Bestfriend.
Yesterday’s are over dear child, your life just started anew,
Without me by your side my child let’s see what you can do.
Don’t you dare call out my name, and please don’t you cry,
You slandered my name and broke my heart, I will not be standing by.
I have nothing left to say,
I have nothing left to do,
But to wish you a farewell, and let you know I’ll always love you.
You chewed me up and spit me out,
Now I must swallow my pride,
I now let you go so you can grow,
Maybe one day you’ll understand why.

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