Somedays I lose my mind
For all the unanswered questions to be find.
I'd then drift alone in this insane world
See people struggling in their personal brawl.

Why things ain't ever like what we imagine?
The reality just occurs in an unexpected mein.
Why the inner smile won't last a long?
Dissapointments and new arrivals stings on and on.

Why theres a pinch of sadness filled in every heart?
Like a venom it surrenders all the parts.
Why love ain't easy as it is to spell?
Why feelings keeps changing ,so hard to tell.

Why sometimes your only option is to be a monster?
When bitter and cruel were never your intentions.
What are we humans here,a poppet or a fate?
We earn,we get,
At the end got to stand infront of the death's gate.

Why there ain't peace like it got to be?
Why there's selfishness,no maturity all mean?
If only things were opposite,like they should,and got to.

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