Why do you avoid me?
If only you could see.
Why did you ignore
my attempts at your door?
Why do I care
when you don't even know I'm there?
Why do I just let you walk by
instead of saying hi?
Why do you take up so much of my mind?
If only I didn't leave you behind.
Why do I look for you everywhere I go
when I know you'll never show?
Why do you appear in my dreams
acting as if we are a team?
Why do I look up in the sky
and wish you were mine?
Why do I scream your name in my head
whenever you're less than a few feet ahead?
Why do I talk about you 24/7
when you wouldn't care if I was in heaven?
Why do these things keep me up at night
wishing my thoughts were right?
But I know the truth
and it causes me much ruth.

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