There's so much that's changed in my life.
So much, I'm not sure anymore what is right.
My home has been falling apart;
it seems so many of us have lost our heart.
What happened to all that we fought for?
To freedoms, hopes, and dreams.
How could we forget we're a potluck of hopeful beings?

Why are we doing these things?

We used to be safe on our streets, in our skins;
on our own two feet.
Now fear rules everything.
It seems our tactics have retreated.
We're back to fighting with hatred.

Why are we doing these things?

We once loved and showed what was right;
and now all we do is fight.
Complaining about money, and power.
No one seems to care about our limited hours.
We're dying slowly, day by day.
Our earth is slipping away.
And all we do is kick and scream at each other.
Why are we doing these things?

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