Can someone tell me why ?
Why I'm lost in a world so cold, I fell frozen
Why i wake up every morning thinking if things happened differently,
I wouldn't be broken
Why i pray to God begging him to bring back what was once mine
Asking him, "please God, just give her a little more time"
Why i had to lose someone so close to my heart,
Now its caused the whole family to drift apart
Why after my mom passed away,
My so-called family said they were going to be here,
But didn't actually stay
Why i hate myself for what others have done
And why i feel like a piece of my heart is gone
Why every time i speak, all ears go deaf
All i wanna do is be heard, nothing more nothing less
Why everything falls back on me and I'm the one to blame
Even when I'm not at fault, everyone still feels ashamed
Of me and of who i wanna be
They only want me to do things that benefits them,
But doesn't benefit me
Why i feel like taking my own life is the only solution
Because being here is like being stuck in a illusion
Why when i call for help, people say i over react
But when something actually happens,
They all of a sudden wanna have my back
Why people make promises they cant keep
But wonder why they cant speak
And why someones life can change in a blink of an eye
Please, can someone tell me why

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