They wake up in pain not physical but emotional.
The words you say to them are beyond sick
it must feel like they were hit with a stick.
I don't think you know how much you hurt them
but I wish you would see. Two sweet little boys
treated like dirt like there nothing
but there really something. I hear the pain
and all their strain I can't do anything
but I can imagine the feeling. How will they ever
love you soon you will be threw. You don't think before
your actions even with every distraction.
You like to hurt your kids and see their pain
and now they will never be the same.
They are lost and broken because their brain was shook.
All mixed up with every bad thing possible.
what will they do now because of their dad being so foul.
Eyes always blood shot from crying none stop
not even one call to a cop. No one to save them
no one to step in all we have is crawling skin.
Aching to help but can't all there is to do is pant.
Down the street thinking of what you could have done.
They have no voice to speak up so they grab a gun.
They let their tears drop and by the end
of the day a billion tears mixed together
forever and all they say at the end is why me?

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