A little flower you grew succumbed to power,
The dreams that you drew have turned all sour,
The hand that held another holds magnum of sorrow
The heart once filled with love needs blood to borrow.
I ask Why? I ask Why?

The eyes once innocent now anger they behold
The shoulder of aid turned out to be all cold.
Engineered marvels, reduced to dust and fiction
Serenity snatched, left memoirs of destruction,
I ask Why? I ask Why?

The yellow blaze once again erupts,
Leaving red drains to be seen
Another life terminated abrupt
Corpses and debris to cleaned,
Can't you see the ocean of tears?
Can you justify the reason of fears?
Guiltless, Naïve, you conquer you behead,
Go extinguish those who to your fire fed,
I ask why? I ask Why?

Doesn't Love mean a thing for you?
What went wrong son, which wound grew?
Awaiting right here sympathy, sanity.
Have you forgotten HUMANITY?
I ask why? Why god why?

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