why ain’t I ?

By Jei   

the world shivers with the impact of your footfall..
delighting in your movement across it
heaves desiring and waiting for your interaction with it symbiotic and calm.
the birds flock to you adorning you with extravagant flight paths proclaiming your greatness.
the universe yields to you ,it's marvelous beauty and infinite mysteries shine dimly
next to the luminescence of your accomplishments it clings to you needing you near.

the Earth despises me , my traverses upon it defiles it's pure nature and is a major contributor to it's eroding atmosphere. I am the first primordial.. never evolving. my redolence causes angels to cry. fully engorged birds hover above me circling and with guttural voices they empty their contents upon me with malice and indignation they have no regard for me or my belongings. the universe hiccupped or sneezed at my conception ,a flaw unseen it's way of expelling something it no longer needed ,casting me out shedding me off like wet clothing after rainfall .

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