Why and/or If?

One day I will regret what I did (Pause)
I will spread my arms and hope to just leave like Beautiful Angel Wings (Pause)
I can see that you're unhappy
You don’t laugh like you use to

I guess my regret came early than I expected (Speed)
I can’t take it (End Speed)
Please...help me (Pause)
You left Why

Don’t leave me now (Scared)
I can’t be alone now (Sadness)
I’m sorry... I disappointed you (Pause)
I’m sorry... I pulled the trigger
Bang (Pause)
The room is silent all I see is a small light
Slowly I walk towards it

Wait I see you again (Excited)
The sun still shining on your brown hair (Fast)
The pavement painted with our memories
Each crack a resemblance of our past
The trees with the sun shining through (More Excitement)
complementing your face just perfectly

You get into your car singing a thousand miles at the top of your lungs
As you drive away you see me
Your voice echoing off the pavement as you get further into the distant

You see me again...but not as who I was (Pause)
You will see me and walk past me
You will see me as nothing... but a stranger (Pause)
I will say hello and we will start from there (Say line hopeful)

I will never know if I will be able to rekindle our flame (Questioning)
You might walk away from me (Fast)
I might make a bad first impression
It scares me so much that (Pause)
We won’t be one...again

Now all my worries are gone (Happy Face)
We meet
We hit it off
We are together again
I then remember (Sadness)
The guilt that once consumed me
Of leaving you alone

I did it again didn’t I (Look as you are going to cry)
I’m the one that screwed up
I thought I change
I thought the guilt wouldn’t consume me

I can’t fight it (Slow)
So I just let it consume me (Sigh)

Why don’t you love me (Fast)
Why do I keep screwing up
Why do I keep saying Why
I know why
I’m...Why (Blank Expression)

Gosh if only this wasn’t about my Uncle
Gosh... if only my Uncle was still here (Pause)
If only he had told someone (Slow)
If only he didn’t let it consume him
If only she didn’t leave
If only…(Deep Breath)If only my uncle didn’t pull the trigger
Gosh... (Long Pause) Uncle... (Another Long Pause) why... (Finish Strongly)

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