Why Are We Living?

Why are we living?

Every night I look out my window at this deranged world,
pondering over whether things will get better,
whether people will get better.
But the question circulating through every part of my mind is,
Why are we really living?

Are we living to watch the news, see six shootings, then go to bed
to a foreign language saying Boom.Boom. Boom.Boom.
Translating into Sister. Uncle. Grandmother. Gone.

Are we living to constantly hear the deafening whispers
flooding our minds with comments about the way we look,
our race, religion, what we identify as, and who we choose to love.

Is that why we are living?
For the same routines. Daily. Nightly. Regularly.

Or are we truly living for what is referred to as
the light at the end of the tunnel.
A light as bright as the sun symbolizing greatness and a better life.

Everyday I continue life still not knowing the answer
to why I am on this Earth.
And the cold reality is
I might not ever know what we are living for...
I might not ever know what I am truly living for.

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