Why Are You Fighting This

Why are you fighting this divorce,
When you know that it's par for the course,
It was you who cheated on me,
You who lied through your teeth,
There is no love for you here anymore,
Only resentment to be bore,
A lasting hate,
Now accept the consequences your lies helped create,
I do not give a darn if you still love me,
With you I could never be,
Was the pain you put me through,
Worth what it shall cost you,
If you wanted my love so bad,
Why do what you knew would cost you what you had?
Then to lie again,
And say I caused what you did then,
I was so good to you,
That I was not due,
Now I have fallen for another,
A man who wants no other,
He is twice the man you ever were,
And treats me like I deserve,
So do me a favor you ho,
And just let me go.

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This Poems Story

Its about my ex. He cheated on me and told so many lies. And now he fights the divorce he caused. Now he realizes what he lost, and wants it back. I can never go back to him, and have found my true forever love.