Why Are You?

A broken wing no longer with the wind
Oh fractured heart why do you hurt so
You beat and with each beat , a burn
Flame on, yet so icy cold
At the moutain top, you stand on
You yell,lies lies lies, why !?
Deceive me, yes hurt me, kill me slowly,
See my smile, see me smile
But see my frown, see me frown
Lie here, lie there,
My smile is as frowned for every lie near
For every lie near a trust burst into stained regret
A stain that you cannot reach because it is deep within the mind
The brain, conquered by it and so it grows
Into an even bigger stain, yes it grows
So you are sorry full of sorrow
With a little whimper that is a hidden mist,
Along with a uncovered rainstorm
Breaking the mind
Breaking the soul
Destroy the heart over and over again
Then leave it's ashes to lie like what has been told to destroy it
Annihilated by everything but surviving by anything
Please, I beg, abandoned so much I know,
But please, I beg and wonder, why are you?

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