why can`t i?

Right now i am the happiest person in the whole world. And i wanna scream it out , dancing in the streets til everyone knows it.
But no one cares.
So I'm dancing in my mind, I'm holding myself back, a feeling i hate, it's like there's so much happiness inside me that it hurts.And i cant let it out.
I'm a mess.
My body, my soul, don't want me to be happy,it doesn't let me.But i want to,so bad.
It's killing me.
And now I dont know what to do.I feel the best I ever have but the worst at the same time and I dont know how to handle myself.now I'm sitting here in my bed with the worst feeling pounding in my breast.What should I do? I just wanna be happy but when I am, I feel so bad. I dont know what to do. I wish I just could lay somewhere,without feeling anything.
I`m so broken.

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