Why Can’t I Be Normal?

Why Can't I act like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING?
Why must I put up a front&& Act like NOTHING BOTHERS ME.,
If you could go through what I go through ,
you wouldn't stand a chance ,
Some people are so lucky to have a dad ,
Do I have one yes, But he can BURN In Hell ,
All the pain I went through ,
All the tears I cried ,
All the people I pushed away ,
The one man who try's gets hurt because of my hatred towards you ,
You've done done no good ,
You've done nothing but cause trouble ,
You actually think I would let my mom tell me what to write you?
AHHHHH, you've got it all wrong ,
I meant what I said& said how I felt ,
You deal with it.!
All I ever wanted to be was normal ,
Being Bi -polar isn't normal ,
Hating your father isn't normal ,
Being betrayed by your ' Bestfriend ' isn't normal ,
Thinking of ways to kill yourself isn't normal ,
You've made me CRAZY ,
You made me UN NORMAL..
But you have no idea what I'M capable of DOING ,
Close Your Eye's & Pull the TRIGGER! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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