Why Can’t I Cure My Desire for Sweets?

Why Can’t I Cure My Desire for Sweets? (2005-2006)

The sweets in the chocolate turn out very vulgar
By making me fat and unhealthy to boot
I want to lose weight but must get to the root
Sugarless coffee & tea & the like
Would send my glucose lower instead of a spike
I hope to be able to manage my diet
But without chocolate brownies
I might start a riot!

And if there’s dessert I always vie for it
Instead of becoming as skinny as model Twiggy
I won’t lose the weight and end up like the cousin of Ms. Piggy
My will-power is proving much less than great
And the likelihood I’ll expand is like fate

For me to lose fat is too chancy,
Yet, still I hope it’s not late
But I may start dancing so that I may rate
Yet I must stop over-eating
To that end I relate!
The sweets are still vulgar but they tempt me to date!

Nina Goldworth revised 6/2/14

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