Why Can't I Think?

Why can't I choose what I want my human to think ?

Why must I be the one working all hours of the day?

Constantly filling my drawers up with these clothes called thoughts?

Like now my human is typing everything that I'm thinking right now?

I must be dreaming or something...

I mean tell me this is all a dream...

My home has a lot of damaged things in it

Like from the very first break up... I have that memory posted in the back of my room

Like when my human overthought that math question

Why can't I empty out my trash can... I mean it's memories my human doesn't want to remember anymore...

Does my human even notice me?

I mean seriously...I get overfed with random thoughts every second of the day

Someday human I'm going to exploded and when I do you'll have one thing to say...


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