Why Can’t They See?

Lying down on the hospital bed.
All I can do is hear.
I hear the crying of my loved ones.I want to help.
Tell them that I am ok,but I am not.
I go on hearing them crying
And begging me to wake up,and I hear the beeping.
My heart thumps slower and slower.
I can't hold on for much longer.
I hear my breathing,shallow and labored.
I cannot see,
No longer can I smell,
I can hear,
But I cannot speak.
I want them to know,
That I will be alright. To leave.
I give all what's left of my strength,
To squeeze the hand that holding mine.I hear a voice call my name.
The voice filled with hope, fills me with sadness.
Because I know, that I can't speak.
What is wrong with me?
Why don't they understand I am in pain?
Why can't I tell them,
That I want relief.
Why can't I tell them I love them,
Why can't they see, with their eyes,
That I have to leave?

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