Why Covid19 by Zef Da Poet?

Covid19 by Zef Da Poet
(written on April 2020)

God almighty
God of everything, wonderful God of creation
God of the whole universe, I stand before you mourning for your people on Earth
They die, day by day like forbidden ants
The mortal hardly cured diseases intend to take your position and reign the globe
Violently with death, now our hope is you in this circumstance
I believe you can put this to an end, that why I pray for restoration on Earth
I raise my voice as a poet
Poets can speak to God and be heard
God can clearly hear the voices of the poets
Poets are sent to be the overseers on Earth
Poets are not just poets, poets are God’s prophets

Strange dangerous illness that has evolved from animals and discovered
As coronavirus
What are you?
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Why you chose to appear and exist to this planet Earth?
Our world can not accommodate you, you such heartless
You kill with no sympathy, you hate a pleasant life granted to humans
Mmmmh you are so jealous

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