Why Dad

When mom brought me home from the hospital,
You didn't even say hello,
Your very own child,
You didn't want to hold,
The arms of my father,
Was something I would never know,

I had no idea what was happening,
I was just a baby,
I did nothing wrong,
So why did you hate me?

I didn't know it at the time,
I'd grow up with a hole in my heart,
You'd cause me endless pain,
My own father would tear me apart

Growing up, I slowly caught on,
I spent so many night crying,
Feeling so lonely,
My father would laugh,
My mother would comfort me,

I heard many girls say they were "daddy's girls,"
Something I knew I would never understand,
My mom would hold my hand,
She was all I ever had,

Dad, why did you make me feel so worthless?
Dad, what did I ever do to deserve this?

I'd call for you,
But you never cared for my pleas,
One "I love you,"
Was all I'd ever need,

Dad? Dad?
Can you hear me?
Dad? Dad?
Why wasn't I good enough for you to love me?
Dad? Dad?
Why won't you answer me?
Dad. Dad.
This really isn't funny

You couldn't even answer my questions,
You really could care less,
Here I was, your daughter with a broken soul,
You ripped my heart right out of my chest

I wanted to believe you would change,
But that hurt me even more,
All the times I'd wait for you to show,
Left me crying on the floor

Nothing but bad memories of you,
You tore me down,
What was it gonna take for you to love me?
Me being six foot underground?

I know you hurt me intentionally,
It's the kind of person you are,
Where you're supposed to be in my life,
There's nothing but a scar,

It still hurts a lot,
But I'm tired of feeling like this,
Don't worry dad,
It's nothing that mom can't fix

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