Why Did It Have to Be Now

Dear little brother, just where have you been?
Why have you left us and will you come again?

Sadness cannot describe the words I feel inside
Nor can they replace emotions to no longer hide

Emptiness is such a lowly unjust kind of word
My tears for you are always haven't you heard?

Will this pain ever stop, slow, or even go away?
I feel you'll not understand my sorrow at end of today.

Please I beg each night for this anger to come to a stop
Then I fall inside and on the outside to my knees do drop

Take the hurt away I cry for 'GOD' to hear me beg
And limp away as a dog who's missing his hind leg

As important as it is to eat and breathe just to survive
I'll never understand why you can't just be alive

If ever the tears stop rolling down my face
It'd be too soon, no it'd be such a disgrace

Tell me that you're ok and I will be too
Take all my burden and I'll not mourn for you.

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This Poems Story

Today would have been my little brothers birthday and it doesn't ever seem to get easier. Yet deep down I know everything is going to be ok in the long run.