Why did she choose him?

Why did she choose him?
Because she wanted him to be near
Why did she choose him?
Because she loved him true and dear
We thought she was selfish keeping him away
To claim him as her trophy and shortening his day
Our tears we shed were round and big thinking of the past
This new him he has changed to; hopefully it wouldn't last
He is not the man we know and love, She has changed him against his desire
She said she wouldn't beat him up she said this but she's a liar
To stand in front of us and tear him down
To make him beg and plea
We never understood why she choose him
Why not just break away and be free?
Because when she chooses, she works long and hard to never let you go
But you can escape her ,deep in your fighting heart; this you know
So escape and be ridden of this horrible her; regain what use to be
She does not control your future say goodbye to her and be free

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