Why Do I Always Cry?

Why do i always cry?
Why do they always leave?
I give in, give up
Let them see the real me
They run, they hide
Disappear from my life
I cry, I cry
It always feels like a piece of me dies

Bits, pieces of me stolen
Never given back
I crumble, i break
They love the pain
They love the game
They see the tears, they see the heartbreak

They see i want to be set free
But off of me they still feed
Time after time
I crawl, stand, stumble, then fall
Crawl, stand, stumble, fall
Heartless, heartless
Is what i wish i could be
That is all they have ever been to me
We love you, we love you
They chant, they shout, they scream
But in the end all they do is leave

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